We are a distributed community building tools for a new art economy, focused on the agency of artists and diffusion of visual culture.

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We are organising under the ArtxN Alliance (AxNA). We aim to build and support decentralised web software and initiatives that focus on the agency of artists and diffusion of visual culture, furthered by a community of people aligning around open source principles.

Artists are uniquely able to function somewhere between what is familiar and the edges of reality and human experience. There may be an infinite amount of narratives to explore. It matters how these stories and their potential diffuse through society.
Four statements condense AxNA's current position:

1) A culture is the sum of beliefs people hold.
2) Beliefs are of the sum of narratives exchanged between people.
3) Art is uniquely capable of creating and examining narratives.
4) The distance between art and people is inverse to the diffusion of cultural experimentation.

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